Welcome to Charleston! I am Richard Harvin. My ancestors sailed in to Charleston Harbor in 1740. They were planters and were
awarded land by the King of England a little inland of Charleston.

Even though Charleston is an active, vibrant city many historic buildings still remain. In fact we have the largest Old and Historic District of any city in the country. Did I mention it gets really hot here? Some say its not the heat but the humidity that gets you……well the Low Country has them both and our air-conditioned buses will keep you comfortable while you enjoy the sights, descriptions and stories from our licensed tour guides.

Our goal is to show you our lovely city and give you a glimpse of what is was like to live here over the last 350 years. Conde’ Nast magazine named Charleston “The Best City in the US” four years in a row. I am truly blessed to call this wonderful city my home. We look forward to being your host while here. Enjoy your visit!